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PERSOWN joins the Sepsis Innovation Collaborative

PERSOWN joins the Sepsis Innovation Collaborative

PERSOWN, Inc. is proud to be a part of the Sepsis Innovation Collaborative. Millions die each year from Sepsis.  PERSOWN is working on developing a rapid POC test for both the hospital and at-home setting. Learn more about the Sepsis Innovation Collaborative


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In this episode, PERSOWN Founder and Chairman, Billy Meadows and President and CEO, Peter vonDyck, sit down with KJ and discuss their technology that aims to unify clinical data in real-time to improve patient care, prevent sepsis, and reduce false positive fatigue. They also discuss the potential economic benefits, improved quality of care, and increased trust in hospitals that could result from this unified data.


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We plan to build the largest and best managed health dataset in the world. We seek partners that actively support APIs to enable users to have transparent interoperability of their health-related data.

We seek collaborative hospitals from around the world to launch the CAPS platform for clinical researchers and treatment protocol analytics.