PERSOWN to launch SMASH-H, a near-real-time Sepsis monitoring and alerting system for hospitals and home powered by SAS advanced analytics


Posted by Peb Hendrix

Charles N. (Peb) Hendrix, served in the US Navy as a legal and public affairs officer. Peb has worked as EVP Operations managing 30+ diversified company holdings for 20 years including several startups in disease management, analytics and cardiac sleep apnea home monitoring. To contact Peb, email him at [email protected]
PERSOWN addresses devastating global health care access disparities with high-quality, affordable diagnostics with results in under two minutes. Watch and Medical information technology and diagnostics company PERSOWN, Inc. is addressing the global burden of sepsis with the launch of the open platform SMASH-H (Sepsis Monitoring and Alerting System for Hospitals and Homes), powered by healthcare analytics from SAS. SMASH-H will provide hospitals access to a common set of predictive models designed to enhance existing IT platforms, monitoring tools and diagnostic products.

About PERSOWN Analytics

PERSOWN Analytics is at the forefront of healthcare analytics, dedicated to harnessing the power of data to reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes. Leveraging expertise in developing cutting-edge solutions that unify predictive AI models with the power of a global scale common health data model to drive more cohesive and efficient healthcare ecosystems worldwide. The company’s innovative CAPS platform leverages advanced analytics and real-time monitoring to address critical healthcare challenges and improve patient outcomes.

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